24 carat gold-plated - value?

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24 carat gold-plated - value?

The fineness and weight determine the value of the object.

24 carat gold

What is the value of your gold objects depends on various factors. This is on the one hand, the respective content of the pure gold and the other, the weight of the article. In hard gold-plated objects are, for example, alloys with other metals. This gives them a much higher hardness, which makes more resistant. Alloys are needed to process the precious metal jewelery and commodities can.

  • The metric carat is considered weight- or measure of the jewelry trade. Pure gold has 24 carats. the unit is abbreviated often with C or ct. have 24-karat objects on a pure gold content of 99.9 percent.
  • Pure gold is a very soft precious metal that is not particularly well suited in this state for processing. Therefore, it is often alloyed with other metals to improve its properties. Depending on the composition of the other metals, the alloys then a correspondingly lower fine gold content. If the pure gold content, for example, still 91, 6 percent, this corresponds to 22 carat and 75 percent 18K.

identify value - Gold plated objects

  • To determine the value of your items, you must first find the fineness of the gold. Please refer to the gold stamp. For decorative articles of gold content in thousandths indicated, ie for example 750/1000. In this case, your jewelry to a fineness of 75 percent, which corresponds to 18 carat. With a stamp of 585/1000 is a fineness of 58.5 percent, which corresponds to 14 carat.
  • Now you can find out by using a letter scale, the weight of the object and give it then in the online value Investigator. Simply select the column that corresponds to the fineness of your objects.

In hard gold-plated items are not pure gold, but to surface coatings. This addition also have other metals.

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