3 Lions and the importance

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3 Lions and the importance

3 Lions are the symbol of the British Royal Family and the National Team.

3 Lions Football

  • The England team has a club crest showing the 3 Lions of the British Royal Family. The jersey of the team is traditionally decorated with this emblem. This fact meant that the team was nicknamed 3 Lions.
  • Based on the nickname is a song for those World Cup in England in 1996 was created, which was launched with a new text 1998 World Cup in France again. The songs are about the fact that it is the team since 1966 is no longer able to become world champion. It's about shattered hopes.

Meaning of lion in the crest

For the national team, the Lions will certainly only the importance that you profess to England with it. The origin of the lion in the arms of English kings has a long history, which is not clearly transmitted.

  • The animals on the coat of arms are no lions, leopards but because you look at the viewer. Lions look to crest always right when two lions face on a crest, a left looks and right. The heraldic leopard can be seen without spot or only on the entertainment as such. Because of the similarity to the lion he is often referred to as, as is the case with the English coat of arms.
  • However, it was often not clear distinction between lions and leopards usually, some families have your crest adorned sometimes with one and sometimes with the other animals. It is therefore assumed that both animals have the same meaning.
  • The lion has been represented in cave drawings. In the Physiologus, an early Christian doctrine of nature from the 2nd century, it was called king of beasts. This work was also known in western Europe. Thus the importance of the lion might be that he refers to a king or ruler. It stands for power.
  • The English crest goes back definitely to the Leopards 2 in Norman Arms, who conquered England in 1066. The third lion could go back to Henry II, who led a rising lion who looks as heraldic lion to the right in the crest. His son Richard led first a coat of arms with two lions, who watched and later a coat of arms with 3 leopard. The nickname Lionheart branches also how significant was the lion of him.
  • The 3 Lions, you will find the emblem of England on the unofficial arms of Normandy and the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey. These are golden leopard on a red background, the football team has three blue leopard on a white background.
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