A built-in battery charge - what you should note

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A built-in battery charge - what you should note

Charging batteries properly.

A battery load without these expand

You can also load a battery, which is installed under certain circumstances. However, you should here note a few things.

  • If a built-in battery to be charged, it is practically implemented in special circumstances.
  • The built-in battery is finally connected to a device or an electrical consumer, which must be considered essential during charging.
  • This is particularly true in view of the adjusted charging voltage of the charger.
  • When the charging voltage of the charger in this case is too high, may the connected electrical loads can be damaged or destroyed by the excessive charging voltage.
  • The connected device is normally operated with the votes from the battery voltage. The problem here is that the charging voltage can be much higher in certain circumstances than the battery voltage itself.

So you can charge the internal battery cell

  • Use best a charger with an adjustable charging current. Thereby, the maximum charging voltage is limited, thereby overloading the connected device can be virtually ruled out.
  • Note the maximum upper voltage limit, with which the device can be operated without damage or turn the unit simply.
  • It is also helpful if you connect to monitor the charging voltage a voltmeter to the battery.
  • If the device is designed to be able to charge the built-in battery, use only the supplied with the device charger to recharge.
  • Most have in this case, the device also has a charging circuit that prevents overcharging. This you surely know from your mobile phone.
  • If you turn off the device while it is charging, you can shorten the charging time here.
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