A good nail file - you should know

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A good nail file - you should know

To find a good nail file.

Beautiful hands see only from really good, though the nails are well maintained. A good-quality nail file helps to bring the nails beautiful in form. It pays to take time to spend a little more money, but it also has some of the longer file. Here you get an overview of the three different types of files.

The nail file - their different types and production

  • There is the classic sapphire nail file. Here finest sapphire mineral is applied to the steel body of the file and connected or pressed with her.
  • Much use will also find the sandy plate files. In this file fine sand with glue is applied to a carrier fabric. This can be processed on a rasp body made of plastic or foam again.
  • For some time, there are also glass nail files. These consist only of the single material tempered glass whose surface has been provided with a fine grit.

To find a good nail file

A good nail file - you should know

  • Although the sapphire file usually has two different grained sides, is often but still relatively sharp. This is mainly suitable for rough trimming of nails. However, can be heated and thereby become dry, brittle and cracked by the friction of the nail.
  • Glass nail files can be much better, especially if you are from a reputable manufacturer. Nevertheless, they are ideally suited to bring your nail into shape quickly and at the same bring a finishing touch. Here the nail heated not so, since the glass file the nail material not abraspelt in small pieces, but rather abhobelt or cuts.
  • The sand plate file is also the beautician much use and is often recommended because they too can not be brittle your nail. However, they consumed relatively quickly, so often new purchases are necessary. But it is available in many different strengths that can be applied from coarse Shorten to the finest polishing.
  • So if you now need a file for shortening and forms, you are well advised with a glass file. Since this holds for a long time, you can still spend a little more. the higher quality models feel our experience a little better on the files.
  • Want your nail but a mirror polish, you are better off with differently grained sand plate files. Especially the very fine grits can conjure up a nice shine on the fingers and iron out fine irregularities.
  • For good nail care, however, we recommend a combination of glass file for quick shapes and fine sand sheet files for polishing.

Hopefully you now have an idea of ​​what nail file you want to get your next purchase.

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