A MDK-examination without any problems - so you avoid errors in the examination of the medical ...

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A MDK-examination without any problems - so you avoid errors in the examination of the medical ...

A MDK-testing ensures quality care.

The MDK is - what you do as an employee?

  • Today a MDK-examination is very regularly and usually runs once a year from. The core task of the MDK is to ensure the quality of care. The examiner of the medical service of the health insurance companies are also usually not alone, often comes also the home supervisor. With many documents also your home line on the conditions is closely informed and know in most cases already, what criteria will be tested and is therefore always ready for it.
  • A correctly and properly conducted nursing documentation in all points and areas of care is the best protection when it comes in the course of care for complications, one MDK-examination is pending and the members want to bring a case, for example, in court.
  • The nursing staff and at the end of the nursing management is responsible for the accurate, complete and timely documentation. So must for each dependent person who has in a nursing home, a home, many are documented and documents to be stored: The master sheet with all the information about the patient, the complete medical history, a complete biography, a complete care plan modern criteria, a medication sheet , a doctor's prescription sheet, a daily run activation and mobility protocol, a fully-logged basic care sheet, a fall log and then some. Sometimes different care leaves were counted up to 23, which was filled in it every day and signed. Today, there are also computer-aided documentation of care that quite a bit easier, but still is an obstacle in the required timely documentation. So you should actually record every care step immediately after its implementation and sign, which is not always feasible.
  • The nursing staff has to check in the ward kitchen and the exact temperature document on a log and sign every day the temperature of the medication refrigerators. All drugs in the refrigerator and in the medication room must be provided with the name and date opened. The nursing staff must keep closed all known drugs and weed out expired medications. The ward office must always be closed.
  • Hygiene is very important. So different rules for the handling of the care utensils each resident and the cleanliness of the common areas and ward kitchens apply.

The exam takes place unannounced

  • Now is the home line or the home operators on train. The employee may require that the test in the presence of the home management takes place, which should be equal to an agreement. Therefore, ask the staff of the MDK and the home supervisor to be patient or go with to the controlled care. Ask the residents, whether you agree with a control of your room.
  • Most examiners are very nice. However, should a legal research occur, you are not put off and intimidated. You run your home neat and correct? Then you have nothing to fear. Mostly, however, it is so, that still small defects are found due to cover the cost of the MDK and the superintendent of homes that can be expensive bill for the home side, although the test was supposed to be a free consultation.
  • As home management you should perform along with the nursing management itself controls. Take daily a common point before, that does not last long. For example, would now turn to reach the station refrigerator Station. 1 Are all medications labeled, an expired drug is including? Does the refrigerator temperature? Write down what you have inspected. The next day, station 2 is then tuned. The nursing management should control several residents documentation for your completeness daily. Missing, for example on a particular day in a particular month documentation, get the employee who was on this day responsibility to yourself and ask him to, if possible nachzudokumentieren Missing. If not so, enter the employee (as a kind of food for thought) for a week claimed responsibility for several documentaries on his station. So is sharpened his understanding of what is happening and strengthened his motivation in his work. Many home directors share state its support for warnings. This should really be the last of all means, if even helps anything else. Errors eventually makes every once, you as nursing management and home management. Also pay attention to daily team meetings.
  • In a retirement or nursing home is often much more important to note here as space to be written. Do everything exactly on, then nothing can go wrong.
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