A mulcher for excavators - the benefits to your garden

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A mulcher for excavators - the benefits to your garden

So minced a Mulcher for excavators and stronger branches.

The mulcher for excavators can you namely effectively help to make a garden soil with an unnatural distribution of nutrients back a genuine piece of nature.

A mower makes the garden soil fit

  • Many garden soils have widely been removed from the natural state of the soil, as they were freighted long years with synthetic fertilizers.
  • These fertilizers are highly concentrated, the spread rate must be each mixed in a dilution, here you can make quick errors which then under- or over-supply the garden soil.
  • Mulching is a floor care, which is to return the soil with time in a self-correcting condition of the nutrient.
  • Here it comes, all resulting in the garden natural waste materials recoup into the ground by being distributed in a certain way on the floor.
  • However, these residual materials may not be applied to the soil as they are. Only when the natural material is crushed, it is to costly raw material, which is your garden soil really be good.
  • For mulching helps the soil by the residual materials from microorganisms are processed in the ground and when a material is strong too close, too long or too, it can not digest the soil organisms.

What can the Mulcher for excavators

  • If you want to make this crushing by hand, that's a lot of work, and as soon as the material is a little stronger, you need mechanical support, this gives you the mulcher for excavators:
  • There are models for almost all usable in the garden excavators, small and medium-sized and larger, crawler excavators, wheel excavators or walking excavator.
  • The Shredders are cultivated according to manufacturer's instructions to the excavator and usually operated by a separately enclosed hydraulic system.
  • This mulch additions should be equipped with strong enclosures and supporting rolls, so you can easily handle all the waste generated in your garden.
  • There is also Mulcher for excavators, which can be used on previously bewirtetem or unfavorably attainable floor, a typical device mulches z. B. grass and twigs and small branches up to a diameter of five centimeters.
  • Such a typical Shredder has the following standard design: The mulching head is intended for growing in a hydraulic excavator, the device is suitable for excavators 2-5 tons, thus the installation goes smoothly, different mounting plates are supplied.
  • The drive of such mulch Extension by a hydraulic motor, which can be chosen variable capacity to around 20 and up to about 50 cubic centimeters usually.
  • Such Shredders should be equipped with a front protection metal flaps and a flexible rubber rear protection and have an adjustable back-up roll.
  • Decisive for the processing is the cutting rotor, the standard mulcher for excavators are often fitted with mallets on shackles. but some other rotors z. B. Most are still available as an accessory, a rotor, which has taken two mallets Y-knife on shackles or three Y-knife or simply stronger mallets.
  • Especially when selecting the cutting device for the intended application purpose, you should seek advice from a friendly gardener or dealer who has experience with the mulching on various floors has.
  • In selecting the various components you should consult a specialist if you have never even mulched with the excavator. You may need a pressure relief valve or a flow control valve and must find the right mounting plate. You can features such as a floating mounting, hydraulic rotators, rotary cleaner, reinforced rollers and additional rubber protection filter should then but have an educated guess that this accessory will really get you anything.

Your floor will bring mulching definitely something he is improved in a sustained period. Moreover mulching is ecologically very useful and save when using the mulcher for excavator not only labor and fertilizer, but also disposal costs, incurred in a shipment of garden waste to local collection mostly.

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