A power cable is drilled in the wall - so go ahead

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A power cable is drilled in the wall - so go ahead

Power cable in the wall repair Rainer_Sturm / Pixelio

A power cable was accidentally damaged

What to do if you accidentally drilled a power cable in the wall? This has happened very quickly and the error should necessarily be repaired, otherwise safety is jeopardized.

  • Before working on electrical lines reflect actual breaker for the corresponding space should be turned off to prevent electric shock.
  • Convince yourself before you start your work from the fact that the area is without power. For this you can use the voltage tester.
  • When repairing it depends on how much the cable has been damaged during drilling. Have the cable drilled, thereby triggering a backup, so it is safest if you are running at the damaged site a flush-mounted socket. You must expose the damaged area, use a flush-mounted socket and connect the power cord in a new way.

Repairing a being drilled electrical conduit in the wall

  1. After you have turned off the power and who, convinced of the absence of voltage of the room in which you have the cable drilled, you must first expose the damaged area of ​​the power cord. These carefully insert the power cord free with hammer and chisel. Beware this is that you do not damage the power cord on.
  2. By Now disconnect the damaged cables accurately at the damaged site and insulate the cable ends as follows.
  3. Now insert the wallbox in the exposed site and run the cable ends in this one.
  4. Now connect the individual wires using a terminal block of the same color together.
  5. Plaster now the place around the flush-mounted box, so that it is firmly seated in the installation opening, and close the flush box with the lid.
  6. After the plaster has dried, you can grind the appropriate place smooth with sandpaper.

If you do not have matching leftover wallpaper, you can stick down the repaired area with a piece of matching wallpaper, so that is pierced place is unremarkable.

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