A tailor chino trousers itself - how it works

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A tailor chino trousers itself - how it works

Select a pretty fabric for your pants model.

Fundamental to the Ladies chinos

  • The chinos usually consist of a Chino twill. This is a particularly comfortable carrying cotton fabric in twill weave. The main feature is an oblique ridge. The best-known fabric of this type is the denim or as a blue-white Denim known. Most chino pants be worn as a light summer pants and are not to be confused with the cargo pants. In the latter namely lateral pockets are attached, which are absent in the chino pants.
  • The material quality Twill originated in the 19th century and was still being used for the production of uniform trousers. American soldiers brought these pants type then from the Spanish-American war back home, so she made her entry into the civilian clothes.
  • The material was originally manufactured in China and then received in the Philippines the Spanish term Chino. This was entrusted directly with the pants type. There they had to save fuel and therefore waived on pants envelopes. Therefore, the sew yourself a chino pants for women is relatively straightforward.

Keys to success sew yourself of the garment

  • For your own preparation of a ladies pants you buy a not too tight-fitting jeans or pants sizing cut in your size and choose the same also for royalty twill fabric advocated.
  • Once home, cut all the parts of the finished cut out with scissors and staple the cut parts with pins on the trouser fabric. Pay attention to each detail the yarn running.
  • Cut the material parts now under consideration of the required seam allowance of approximately 1 to 2 cm.
  • Next, you neaten the fabric edges on the sewing machine with a cross stick. Then you start step by step with the sewing of trousers parts.
  • Finally, sew the waistband trouser button or trousers hook on which sits comfortably at the waist, and even cut the legs to the required length.

Chino pants are like worn as office attire and serve as a fashionable alternative to jeans or denim pants.

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