A tent sealing reliably

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A tent sealing reliably

Tents must be able to withstand even harsh conditions.

Seams can seal well

The classic vulnerability of each tent are its seams. On these commonly utilized particularly much tension. This suture holes may be wide and which transmit moisture. Conveniently, you can resolve this problem by simple means.

  • The weapons of choice, leaky seams to master, "Seam Grip" or "Sil Net" to call. These two repair adhesives are specifically designed to seal holes and cracks in outdoor textiles reliable. All you have to do is to apply the appropriate paste with a brush to the affected area.
  • It is important that you know which external material has your outer tent. The two mentioned products are namely intended either for PU coatings or siliconized fabric. At this setting, you should comply strictly.

How to proceed against holes

  • Individual holes in the outer skin of the tent on stick best with patches. Manufacturers high-quality tents put their product in occasionally even special repair patches. If this is not the case, you can buy special tent patches in stores. Cut out ready to use and attach them to the respective instructions according to the dry and clean tent fabric to.
  • It is important that you pay attention even when patches on the material of your tent. Most patches are in fact intended exclusively for PU coatings.
  • For sealing holes in the tent floor there are special Versieglungsflüssigkeiten commercially. Be warned though, a tent floor is chronically dirty and not at all easy to clean, but this is a basic requirement for the application of the agent. In addition, it is a true Sisyphean task of applying such an agent with the brush on several square meters and finally the chances are good that your work no means a proof groundsheet, but a huge mess behind. Consider, therefore, whether a footprint does not represent a viable alternative for repair.

Sometimes you have to also contribute to the grave a tent

  • Of course, sealing is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than Neukaufen. For this reason, you should your tent with smaller holes also always a chance. Note that items like Seam Grip are not cheap, however, and a corresponding application for a 40 Euro DIY tent is not worthwhile. Save yourself the money somewhere and invest it in a reasonable successor.
  • High quality tents often last for ten years and more, but also make wind, weather and UV radiation at some point of fatigue. If the outer skin of the tent is generally brittle and leaking, a repair is no longer profitable. Such can combat the problem symptomatically. Again, a new acquisition makes sense.
  • Beware of the way not to treat a tent over a large area with a waterproofing agent. Depending on the coating so you can seriously damage the material. Water problems will not be able to solve, because you - depending on the spray - exchange the invading rain against increased condensation.
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