A Viking game for the children's birthday prepare - Suggestions

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A Viking game for the children's birthday prepare - Suggestions

For children's birthday include fun games.

Instead of the classic pot hitting or the blind-cow-play you can even prepare a Viking game for a child's birthday for a change. An exciting game does not even need this much time to prepare.

Prepare the Vikings game

  1. First Tinker from a solid piece of cardboard two fish. Blue cardboard or blue cardstock is this particularly well.
  2. Draw the shape of a fish on the cardboard and cut it out.
  3. If you have more time, you can fish with colored pencils also decorate with colorful scales and two eyes.
  4. Cut out on the "fish back" a small hole.
  5. At the hole, attach a 2-3 meter length of cord.
  6. At the other end of the cord, attach the empty paper towel roll. Glue the end of the cord there just at the center portion and use it rather too much than too little adhesive film.
  7. Finish the Viking fishing with the fish.

The implementation of the fishing contest

When Viking fishing competition always occur two "Vikings" against each other. The round has each of the "Viking" won, which has its "fish" caught fastest. The game is as follows:

  1. Before the game, you should draw lots, who takes up the children or the Vikings up to today. Who won his round, advance to the next round until the end thing is the overall winner of the game.
  2. The "Viking" face to back to back to the Viking Ship. The ship can be by a brown or dark ceiling that you put on the ground, symbolizing. Try to make this look like a ship's hull, which means that it is wide in the middle and tapers narrow at both ends.
  3. The Pappfische be thrown into the sea or placed on the floor. They should be about 1-2 meters from the ship.
  4. The "Viking" take the end of the fishing or the kitchen paper roll in hand.
  5. If you give the order to start, try the "Viking" to fish the fish as quickly as possible and to wind up the cord on the paper towel as soon as possible.
  6. The winner is the one where the Pappfisch first abuts the kitchen roll.

For a Vikings game you do not need a lot of material. The preparation is quick and the "Viking" will have fun.

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