A vortex field - what is it?

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A vortex field - what is it?

Eddy fields are part of the physical education. Gerd_Altmann / Pixelio

The field theory

  • To know is for you first of all that the vortex field is a viewing subject field theory. Ultimately, the potential theory of how it was once called, Earth's gravity field, in this case be referred to as the origin of all field theories. The goal of the field theory, you can read the description of all such forces imagine arising from physical interactions.
  • In the classical field theory, first distinguish between scalar and vector fields. By a scalar field, you assign each point of the corresponding space to a number such as, for example, with respect to temperature is done invoices. Share Unlike scalar vector fields to the corresponding points in space no figures, but vectors.
  • Next you can divide force fields in different types. The most common field types are source and eddy fields. Remember that a source field is based on a cause in the sense of sources and sinks. arise on those sources and sinks and terminate the field lines. The cause of eddy fields on the other hand, as the name suggests, an eddy. Circular, the field lines usually pull together to those vertebrae.

Find out the vortex field

  • Ultimately, can you generalize that all field lines of a vortex field are self-contained and therefore arise from a fluidized themselves so that they occur independently of sources and sinks. When you swirl designate those points by which to contract the lines of the field.
  • More precisely for you to remember that for a vortex field at least one boundary curve S must exist. If there is no boundary curve S with constant contour integral, so it is in a given field is an irrotational field.
  • The vortex field is just like the Source field Newton or Laplacefeld. For a Newton Field remember that the density of its displacement current always occurs in the form of an electromagnetic wave. As Laplacefeld you can contrast such eddy fields interpret electrical vortex field that around when it comes to time-varying magnetic flux created.

All formulas you need to determine the vortex of a given vortex field, you should find in commercial, physical formularies. Perhaps you are now still no expert when it comes to field theory, any idea what it this is all about, but you should have won.

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