A wall build from Rigips - how it works

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A wall build from Rigips - how it works

Share with plasterboard from space.

Before starting the construction of a wall, you need to determine the exact dimensions of this and buy all the material and at home, reconsider whether everything really is at hand.

Attach the wall as room dividers properly

  1. Start by cutting two square timbers.
  2. These have to be sawn to a measure of length from the ground to the ceiling. You may quietly saw off a cm less with.
  3. Screw the two squared timbers now in balance at the two desired walls fixed.
  4. saws for the same timber and screw the beams under the ceiling.
  5. This needs to and from the two square timbers, you previously screwed to the wall, show.
  6. The same procedure you use on the ground, again with the same timber.
  7. Now connect all still in the vertical intervals of about 50 cm, from the timber from the lower bar to the upper bar.
  8. From both sides, screw the battens every 30 cm, from the bottom upwards, horizontally to the beams.
  9. The lower you keep the distance between the battens, the more stable you build your wall from Rigips.
  10. Now you have to cut the sheetrock on the length from floor to ceiling.
  11. as long along until the plaster board can be folded by pulling a straight line on the plasterboard wall and cut out using a cutter (razor knife) the grain.
  12. You can also take a long, straight object to help to really get the marked line and straight.
  13. Then you can cut through the wall completely with the cutter.
  14. Screw next with Spax for Rigips the board to all battens until the entire wall is obstructed.
  15. The same procedure can also use on the other side. With the construction of the wall, you are now almost ready.
  16. Finally, all you need is the gap of the plasterboard walls, where they collide, using gypsum completely plug up.

Building a door in the room dividers

  1. You want to build a door in the wall, you should consider the amount of bars left and right on the walls and the beams of the ceiling and the floor.
  2. This means that if you want to, for example, installing the door in the middle, let the best in the middle of the bottom on the ground, a site of about 100 cm free.
  3. Tighten only the left side and the right side and leave the center for remote mounting of this.
  4. Links how right you still have ever attach a timber from the bottom up, because you later put the door in.
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