A Yip-Yip costume itself tinker - Here's how

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A Yip-Yip costume itself tinker - Here's how

The right material is crucial.

Preparing Yip-Yip -Outfit

  1. Buy plush fabric which is about as long as you and completely encloses itself. You should expect a size of 200 x 170-180 centimeters. Choose a fleece, Teddy- or plush fabric in pink or blue.
  2. Wrap the fabric on the head and drape it so that you are completely covered. Enter add about 10-15 centimeters at the bottom, this addition you will need later for the mouth movements.
  3. Highlight with a safety pin, fabric tape or chalk, the center of the head, the beginning and end of your mouth and the beginning of your eyebrows.
  4. Pull the fabric back, and prepare now the eye hole before. Use black fabric through which you can see through it themselves, which is largely opaque to outsiders but. This works best black flyscreen. Place the fabric in several layers and test it with a photo flash, if your face is invisible behind the fabric.
  5. Cut to a square piece of cloth. Cut out an oval piece of cloth where your mouth. Cut a few millimeters smaller than your marks, this addition you will need for the black fabric.
  6. Turn the fabric outward and sewing on the inside black fabric firmly. If you want to use multiple layers, you should secure it with a safety pin, so they do not slide around. From the outside, it should now look like a gaping black hole.
  7. Now take the hat, the best of a coarse fabric and sew firmly to the inside, exactly where you have made the mark for the center of your head. The cap ensures that your costume when worn can not slip. Try out the costume, your eyes should be at the upper end of the mouth hole.

finish and try costume

  1. Now take the piece of polystyrene or pumice stone and cut it into a crescent-shaped structure. This constitutes the jaw of the Yip-Yip.
  2. Glue the piece slightly to below the black substance, the curvy side faces the material. If the costume is finished, move your hand the Styrofoam pieces, so that it looks as you would say Yip-Yip. Easy to use, the jaw when making of two bars or rods a T-shaped mouthpiece. The horizontal side you attach to your substance, with the long side of the Ts move later his mouth.
  3. Place the fabric on the floor and mark the position for the eyes. You should be centered on the head. Glue the Styrofoam balls on the fabric. Paint with a black pen on the eyes.
  4. Forms from the pipe cleaners a long antenna. Then attach the antenna with safety pins just behind the eyes on the costume, for stability, you can perform the safety pin through the cap.
  5. Sewing the costume on the sides, so that a large sack arises and no one can see into the bottom you leave. If you want, you can cut two armholes in the fabric, so you have more freedom of arm movement.
  6. Align the antennas. Done!
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