Acceptance speeches for Confirmation - Ideas

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Acceptance speeches for Confirmation - Ideas

The confirmation takes place in the church traditionally.

Celebrate a confirmation and invite guests, you can thank them with acceptance speeches for their congratulations and gifts.

Suggestions for acceptance speeches

  • If the confirmation is pending, there is usually a lot to do. Therefore, it is useful to formulate acceptance speeches in advance, so that the big day is missing any words. For example you can record entire speeches or make note form notes.
  • Think about what you want to install in the speech. Since this is a religious holiday, you can, for example, contribute a verse or a Bible quote when these words have special meaning for you.
  • You can also tell from the preparation of the big day or the importance it has for your guests. To share with every person on your feelings, what many thanks shows.

Saying thank for Confirmation

  • If you experience the big day, is not only held the ceremony in the church, but usually set also a celebration afterwards. This is the ideal place for your acceptance speech.
  • Say thank you, for example, for the coming of the guests. You can also highlight people such as your parents, who have helped you prepare. You can also mention relatives who might live far away or rarely come to visit, and to thank them for coming.
  • An acceptance speech can be formulated not only for the presence, but also for example for the gifts. Maybe there was something that you needed more, or you have received money and want to make it something special. Tell the guests quiet of your plans.

In acceptance speeches for Confirmation You can of course also incorporate all the ideas in the Acknowledgements. Have fun!

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