Account balance - how it works online at Commerzbank

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Account balance - how it works online at Commerzbank

The account balance, find out online.

To find your balance

  1. Call the Commerzbank on the Internet. On the right side you will see fields for the subscriber number and the PIN. Enter the numbers and click on "Register".
  2. If you only want to check the account balance, or an overview of all your accounts at Commerzbank, then click "Account Summary". This shows you the individual accounts with the corresponding account balances are displayed.

So you can look for sales

  1. If you want to query the account movements, do not click on "Account Summary" but on "Account transactions".
  2. If you have multiple accounts with Commerzbank, first select the account in question.
  3. On the following page you have several filter options that allow you to narrow down the sales, after sales type, recipient, date, amount and transaction text. Under "sales type" you can search for specific checks, standing orders, direct debits and credit transfers.
  4. If you want to set any filter, you only need to select the period, are shown for the then all inputs and outputs. Here are ten, thirty, sixty or ninety days at our disposal, as well as sales from today, yesterday or last login.
  5. If confirmed, the sales summary appears. In the upper area next to the account number and the owner is listed as the account balance, the disposition limit and the time of the last turnover.
  6. Among the time-ordered overview of revenue appear. Departures are marked in red and green inputs. Any booking both magnitude and the posting date, the posting text and the value date are recognized.
  7. Please maintain sure that you log out properly by clicking "Sign Out". Renotification is possible again only after waiting a few seconds.
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