Accuphase DP-67 - Find out more about the high quality CD player

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Accuphase DP-67 - Find out more about the high quality CD player

A high-quality CD player provides an exceptional sound experience.

Looking for a high quality and very fine CD player with unique design and superior sound quality, you should see the DP-67 Accuphase. The model is new not available any more, sellers of used equipment to achieve maximum rates when the unit is in a very good condition.

Accuphase builds precious high-tech devices

  • Look for an absolutely high-quality CD player that offers outstanding sound quality and an exceptional design, the Accuphase DP-67 is perhaps the right device for you.
  • The device must be connected to a high-quality AV receiver if you want to really enjoy the superior sound quality. You can also connect a minidisc player or a DAT recorder, if you want to experiment with your music a little. In addition, you have the option to let the device run an equalizer, if you would like to increase the sound quality.

The DP-67 is a high quality CD player

  • The device has a solid, high-quality drive from Sony, which is very robust. The unit not only plays normal CDs, but also SACDs.
  • They benefit from a fully digital control of the device. In the high-quality D / A converter delta-sigma converters have been used. This you notice at a very low distortion and low noise at playing music CDs.

The original price of the device was about 5,500 euros. Used you have a price to 2,000 euros expect if you want to get a CD player that looks absolutely like new, has been little used and therefore working properly by technology.

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