achieve bikini figure in 2 weeks - so it can work

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achieve bikini figure in 2 weeks - so it can work

In 2 weeks you can let your dream figure closer to a good deal.

Bikini figure is individual

If you want to reach a bikini figure in 2 weeks, it is important to clarify in advance how you define them.

  • When it comes, take two to three kilos and feel firmer and fitter, this may be entirely realistic. But if you want to massively lose weight within 14 days, your project is likely to remain a pipe dream.
  • So it's important that you set realistic goals, so you're not frustrated at the end.
  • Nevertheless, high discipline is required from you if you want to achieve your goal. You should pay particular attention to small changes and radical cuts in your everyday life.

In 2 weeks the Power Plan slimming

Achieving a bikini figure in 2 weeks is a challenge with realistic objectives and achievable:

  • We recommend that you refrain from any type of candy in your life from now on. This not only gummy evening, but also about desserts and snacks in between. These can be replaced by fruit.
  • Try to avoid snacking entirely, and place a minimum of five hour break between meals. This fat burning your body is stimulated.
  • In addition, you should avoid unnecessary animal fats. These go especially on the hips.
  • But even a significant increase of exercise should be on your plan to achieve the goal. It is best to perform every other day by endurance training for at least 30 minutes. If you are unsure whether your body is sufficiently fit for this purpose, please discuss this with your doctor, however, only from.
  • Movements can be integrated into everyday life by doing without the elevator, leave your car for short distances and they walk.
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