Action Painting make himself - adventurous art

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Action Painting make himself - adventurous art

Action Painting promotes creativity.

Action Painting - an art against traditional rules

  • The works of the action paintings are heavily influenced directly and by a large dynamic. The artist transfers his physical strength directly with each "brushstroke" to the canvas.
  • By little controllable version the artist can hardly influence the result. In his hand, of course, are the choice of color and the sweep of the brush lines and dots. But it is not possible to create a strictly regulated paintings.
  • If you make an action painting image itself, you will not receive a figurative result. It is abstract and is subject to that effect, no specific screen layout.
  • In the foreground of the action painting is the color and the painting surface. Primary should find expression unconscious promptings of the artist. The result stands in the background.
  • This form gives you the opportunity to work with color, need to lose with no thought of the finished product. You can let off steam physically and experiment with the possibilities of color.

To make abstract painting itself

  • Specify the area where you want to make your Action Painting image itself, generous with foil or paper. Action Painting, you can do very well there.
  • On the floor is a white primed canvas. The larger the painting surface is, the more play and activity room you have.
  • Dip your brush (you can choose different effects of different size models) in the paint bucket and run the brush in sweeping movements across the canvas.
  • So lines formed crisscrossing the screen that have different strengths and characteristics.
  • To vary the result, you can change the color pour directly on the ground and influence the course by raising the canvas. Action Painting Painting You can also make other media itself.
  • You can apply the color with a stick or a vessel, from the irregular dripping the paint through holes on the canvas.
  • You can take in the interval at which you leave the brush or the vessel flies come from underground to use influence. The higher you start, the finer the lines.
  • Also the color you use leaves the action painting picture look different. You can work with a color or combine several. The lower the viscosity, the colors are, the less you can check the progress.
  • If you match colors in the liquid state on the screen, provides interesting color mixes.
  • Let the experiment Action Painting and your imagination run wild. Do not force yourself to the creation of a particular outcome. In the foreground of the fun is in the motion and the unexpected trial.
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