Activities in Dortmund - Insider Tips for Couples

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Activities in Dortmund - Insider Tips for Couples

The beautiful city of Dortmund offers many recreational activities.

If you are traveling with your partner to Dortmund, you will find in town several leisure activities, which are particularly suitable for a getaway with your partner. You will surely find the right event for your taste.

Dortmund offers many recreational activities for couples looking for Nature

  • Dortmund is a city with a particularly high proportion of green areas. If you like to walk, just want to enjoy on a beautiful day in the sun on a lawn jogging with your partner or, you are right in the city.
  • With the Westfalen Park and the Fredenbaumpark Dortmund offers Visit pure nature. Stroll through the Westfalenpark and do not let a visit of Florian tower escape. The tallest tower in the city offers a magnificent view particularly in warm weather.
  • The Fredenbaumpark is just right for lovers in nice weather. Everywhere you will find benches or small hidden places where you can have picnic and feel in a big city all alone.

Culture can be found in a very special theater

  • Do you cultural enjoyment to? Then you should visit the theater in Dortmund. The modern building is worth a visit in itself. Visit concerts there or enjoy the spectacle. A musical theater, ballet and performances for children and young people complete the interesting offer.
  • Like any other city has Dortmund a varied nightlife. Many clubs and party room, but also pubs and small restaurants invite for a visit. Visit concerts or special events that make very special your stay in the city to something.
  • One of the hottest clubs in Dortmund is the Nightrooms in Hansastraße directly into downtown. On Fridays and Saturdays there is always something going on and you can reach the club by public transport and then in the morning - or morning - get back to your hotel or accommodation, because it is not far from the main station.

During holidays and weekends Dortmund is very well attended. If you want to visit your preferred leisure activities without long lines, you should take time together during the week and make sure that there are no holidays or days off on this day.

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