administer deworming for dogs properly

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administer deworming for dogs properly

The vet prescribes the worming.

A regular deworming is important so that the dogs stay free of worms, or existing worms are quickly eliminated.

The appropriate worming your dog

  • At the pharmacy or at the vet get different wormers. Some means of combat only a specific type of worms, other means, however go against all types of worms in your dogs.
  • In order to pick the right deworming for dogs, you should know what kind of worms of the dog. This may be the veterinarian easily determined by a fecal sample. If you are not sure, then you should give a so-called combi-product effective against all worms.
  • This is especially true if you opt for a non-prescription agents from the pharmacy. Does this means to all the worms, then you are on the safe side and treat your dog enough.

To succeed in determining the exact amount

  • In order for the worm treatment also can work properly, you must enter the agent exactly as the vet has told you, or as described in the package insert.
  • As a rule, calculates the amount of worming out of the body weight of your dog. In order to give the animals a sufficient amount, you need to weigh your dog first. Then round to the body weight to the nearest number.
  • Weighs your dog 25.6 kg, then the right amount is for a successful deworming so much that it is sufficient for 26 kilos. Round off the weight, then the dogs get too little of the worming and the agent can not act.

To enter the deworming dogs

  • Enter the worm treatment in the form of paste is best directly into the mouth of the dog. Brush the mass to the cheek pouch of the dog and make sure that the dog also takes everything.
  • Tablets you can hide in a little sausage or sausage and then give the dogs. Usually the smell of the sausage is so tempting for your dogs, that animals also eat at the same time with deworming.
  • Also, be careful if you have to give the worm treatment only once or several times. Does the animal get the cure for several days, then try the animal always lure with something tasty.
  • Do not take your dogs deworming anyway, then give the agent as much as possible behind on the tongue, then enclose the catch with one hand and place the dog's head slightly hinten.Mit the other hand swipe then several times over the neck of the animals, and solve any of the swallowing reflex.

Important dates for the next deworming

  • In order to uproot the right time distance your dog always, you may be given a small ball, which contains not only the date of the next deworming, but wherever that agent is shown with which the animals have been wormed vet.
  • You can also even make such a small organizer, by placing a piece of paper in the vaccination card. Make a note on the date of the current deworming, the name of the worm means and when the next worming is due.

Unfortunately, many worms are quickly resistant to some agents. Therefore, it is useful from time to time to use another worm treatment for dogs.

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