Advantages of the Commonwealth

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Advantages of the Commonwealth

Britain is the head of the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth brief

  • When Commonwealth is a confederation of countries of Britain and the British Empire. Formerly called the composite commonwealth. But since there are no longer the British Empire, was from the long name of a simple federal Commonwealth. Although a bit dated, the composite is the largest political association in the world. Accordingly large are the benefits.
  • Since Britain is the main state, although the Queen of England as the head is performed on the paper of the composite. But it has nothing to say in the independent countries.

Advantages of the State Union

  • The Commonwealth provides, despite the European Union is still a lot of advantages. Currently, 54 states are in the composite. They have come together to form a political community in order to pursue common objectives and to realize.
  • The benefits of this merger are obvious. The states of the composite support each other. In times of crisis, such as wars, they grant each other assistance.
  • Also explain and discuss political and economic issues. Even when penalties are laminated on the agenda.
  • Another advantage is the lack of conflicts between the nations of the confederation. If there but once to discrepancies, these are solved or avoided together.
  • Disadvantages, however scarce. The countries remain independent countries despite merger. Ie., They have the upper hand over themselves and can decide for themselves.
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