Advertising as a childminder - as you draw attention to themselves

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Advertising as a childminder - as you draw attention to themselves

In-house advertising - even for childminders a must.

to advertise as a childminder, is not difficult. However, you should invest a little time and effort to make your service known in different ways. It is important that you emphasize your skills and experience and can offer references.

When persuade Nanny - Suggestions

As Nanny convince you to best match your qualifications and your experience. The Youth Office regularly offers evening courses, where you can be trained to Nanny. Caregivers who work with social services have a better reputation than those who do not usually do that. This is due the fact that quality controls are carried out, and you must present a police certificate.

  • If you have been certified by the Child Protection Agency Nanny, you can be registered in a register of qualified care forces. Parents who need a childminder, often turn first to the competent youth welfare office. If the course for childminders not yet have graduated, take it as best. Mothers and fathers trust your children rather someone, who can boast an educational training.
  • If you look after successfully children ask their parents, you recommended. Usually they are but do voluntarily. A better advertisement for you as a childminder can not exist as a satisfied parents who trust you. Good references are your most valuable figurehead.
  • Parents who are still unsure whether they want to enroll their child in a day care center or having them supervised at a childminder, you may want to invite a kind of "open day". To be able to convince the mothers and fathers in a personal interview, points with expertise and show your premises.

Self-promotion for childminders - further ideas

There are some ways that you can promote your service. Here transparency, creativity and the use of various media are helpful.

  • Create your own website on which you introduce yourself and your services. Tell us a little about yourself and your CV. Mention necessarily own children. Anyone who has raised children, can finally boast a lot of practical experience. Show photos of your premises and explain what is important in your educational work. To create trust. Also useful to mention further developments and additional knowledge is.
  • Use social networks for promotional purposes. Facebook and Co. can help you to stay with their parents in contact and to attract new "customers". Keep people in the loop and post when you celebrate as a hard with the children.
  • If you have to forgive care places, you can also switch an ad in your local newspaper. In order to reach many people in your area. There are also special sites on the net, where parents turn service requests and childminders to offer their services.
  • Work with local institutions such as kindergartens, schools or educational institutions. Once there, your details. Better yet, create flyers or business cards is. You may interpret even with pediatricians.

It is worthwhile for you as a childminder to make in-house advertising. Points to how a professional website, flyers, you have at your fingertips and with educational know. But do not forget: A good childminder not pretending, but is authentic, resilient and have empathy.

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