Advertising model be - how it works

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Advertising model be - how it works

To be advertising model, you need more courage, ambition and personality than beauty.

So can also be advertising model

  • There are a few prerequisites: You do not have to be incredibly handsome, tall and spindly to be advertising model - here are other factors as on the catwalk. A well-groomed appearance, personality and maybe even little niggles that you do not like yourself, like a tooth gap, pronounced freckles or a birthmark, you can have as an advertising model most characteristic and sympathetic.
  • Courage, ambition and initiative here is the key to success. The likelihood that you will be approached on the street (and that too from a reputable Trendscout), but is very low. Imagine for agencies and potential customers on their own initiative. Addresses and e-mail contacts can be found online. In order to present themselves well as a new advertising model, you should put together a small portfolio and "Model Book" with photos and videos - on your Modelbook You will also be asked at the casting. After this, the customer is trying to assess how to "come over" and how versatile you present yourself.
  • You can do this themselves - they film themselves, so you can view the videos and try to estimate how others judge after each recording. Interact course, theatrical, bitchy, sympathetic, rather obliquely? Experiment a bit and try to figure out, do what facets of your personality you most characteristic as an advertising model.
  • For this you need professional support - photos for your Modelbook are better than homemade videos. For photos, you should seek a qualified photographer and self-pay (Payshooting). Ins Modelbook include professional recordings, the different facets that you highlight as an advertising model, show - no snapshots from vacation or from the last birthday party.
  • Caution - In this sector too cavort a few black sheep. Although Reputable casting agencies ask for your model book or references, but do not push you to make your money more photo shoots as a condition for a casting. That you bear the travel costs to the casting itself, however, is normal. Even so-called "preparatory seminars" offered for Casting - here you should the offer (and the benefits for you) weigh exactly.
  • it applies to the first casting as an advertising model, to note a few things: Be on time and bring the required documents (photos, videos, Modelbook) with. Look for a neat appearance, but be in hairstyle and outfit rather cautious, as too shrill. Put more on a simple, yet modern styling, such as jeans and T-shirt and a natural makeup. Other styling and daring makeup experiments you can better than one facet, make a part of your Model Books.
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