AEG DVK 4628 Digital 3D TV box - as way to connect to the TV

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AEG DVK 4628 Digital 3D TV box - as way to connect to the TV

The AEG DVK 4628 Digital 3D TV box can be connected to a TV.

The DVK 4628 Digital 3D TV box manufacturers AEG sells a device that makes it possible to look at older TVs 3D movies. The box provides a corresponding signal can be converted into 3D with the 2D content. If you are using your TV yet satisfied and want to buy a new TV, but still like to have 3D, this unit is just right for you.

Your TV requires an HDMI connection

  • Do you want the AEG DVK Connect 4628 Digital 3D TV box to your TV, this requires an HDMI connection. An older tube televisions, you can not use the device.
  • Full HD resolution is not necessary on your TV. Although the box can output such a signal, but it is sufficient if your TV HD Ready has resolution. Even then you can receive 3D images using the box.

Connect the AEG DVK 4628 Digital 3D TV box with your device

  • You need an HDMI cable for the connection and an available port on your TV. Since older devices have few HDMI ports, you can make do with a HDMI distribution. This can be switched manually depending on the equipment by remote control or.
  • The other side of the HDMI cable is plugged 4628 Digital 3D TV box in the AEG DVK. To use the box, you just need to change only in the corresponding HDMI channel on your TV. Then you can convert the television image into a 3D signal, put your glasses and watch 3D television.

As with the new 3D TVs and you have to wear glasses when using the AEG DVK 4628 Digital 3D TV box. Two glasses are included with the box, more you can do so ordered as accessories.

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