After the interview, you behave

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After the interview, you behave

Each interview is exciting. derateru / Pixelio

The interview gives signs

How should you behave for a run through the interview, is primarily about how the interview went:

  • If the interview went well? Do you feel that you are among the favorites?
  • Or you have been put off during the interview, in the way that some other people come for advancing and that logs back on you?

The time after the interview

After the interview, you behave as you has been suggested during the interview best:

  • If you obtained a non-binding deadline by when to report back to you, then you should take in no case previously something. Otherwise you might intrusive.
  • If the promised deadline has expired, you should again wait a few days and then inquire carefully. Do not give the impression that you are urgently looking for a new job and do not require you to the hiring manager, but ask for only the anteroom.
  • If you no date mentioned, until when you hear something again, then you can ask me to one and a half weeks after a. This time frame is dependent upon factors including the operational size: Larger companies need more time than smaller farms.
  • After two weeks, you can ask in any case, as the state of affairs. This phone conversation You can also thread by first ask if even certain documents are required from you.
  • Do not fall with the door into the house, and always remember that you are not the only candidate.
  • Always remain friendly: It could be your future colleagues.
  • Demands you should always, because only then can you show interest.
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