After the vocational school work - Information about youth employment law

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After the vocational school work - Information about youth employment law

A vocational school can be stressful.

Labour law in Germany is characterized by numerous protection laws for workers. This is especially true for young people who are still in development and therefore especially need to be protected when working from excessive demands.

Provisions on professional school

  • In youth work (JArbSchG) contains, among other regulations on maximum hours of work and school hours at the vocational school and work performance. Longer than eight and in exceptional cases, eight and a half hours you can employ young people under any circumstances, see § 8 JArbSchG.
  • As in Germany, vocational training is carried out dual, the trainee must press a week regularly to school. For this school periods of training organization shall provide him free in principle, see § 9 para. 1 JArbSchG.
  • However, a day of classes will not take all day usually. Therefore Some chefs get the idea, to quote their trainees in the operation before or after lessons. However, the sets, the youth employment law limits.
  • On a weekly day at the vocational school with more than five hours of lessons of 45 minutes duration is coming off an additional employment in the company. If the teaching carried out in the block model and amount to 25 hours a day, five days a week, another employment in the company is also excluded.

work before exams

  • Before examining the most trainees must cram tidy. It is therefore only fair that the tag must remain free in front of the final written examination, see § 10 para. 1 no. 2 JArbSchG. Does the trainee attend checks that are performed outside the company, it is also for indemnify and not have to work by the employer.
  • Note should also employers that the rest period or leisure between two shifts for teens is sized longer. According to § 13 JArbSchG youngsters should an uninterrupted leisure twelve hours before they have to go to work again.

For teenagers special protective rules in labor law. These can be found in the youth employment law.

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