After Wespenstich a red spot - you can do

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After Wespenstich a red spot - you can do

Treat the skin after a wasp sting gently

Wasp sting - prevent and cure

In the wild, you should especially watch out in midsummer, that you do not pull a wasp sting. As with other insects also stings of wasps can allergic reactions as well as a red spot arise prepares the pain, swelling and itching.

  • Cool can with a variety of items such as ice packs and a water-ice mixture. Just as well you can use frozen products. You should note that you will not place the product directly on the skin. It is best to take a towel and wrap the cooling element, so that no frostbite can occur.
  • Wasp stings can be avoided by not walk barefoot in nature. Look on the floor, if you want to walk barefoot, so you do not enter into shards or even insects.
  • Also avoid to have it stand out in the garden for a prolonged period food, which would attract the wasps.

Red spot - you can do

  • If a red spot is caused by a wasp sting, this is a reaction of the skin. Mostly this is also painful. This can be relieved by cooling.
  • For cooling, as described, cold packs and use a water-ice mixture above.
  • You can also select products from a pharmacy that also combat your swelling and your red spot and best still the itching that can arise after a wasp sting. Always seek advice from your pharmacist to make the product, what you acquire, also fits you personally. Counseling is important for you to perform your body any further damage.
  • Should not go away the pain and interfere any further, you should consult your GP. This is especially important if other physical reactions still occur, such as circulatory problems. For this you can use the 112 number to deposit your emergency.
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