Afterburn Effect - Effective Exercises to burn fat

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Afterburn Effect - Effective Exercises to burn fat

The afterburn effect can be stimulated.

Afterburn Effect fat burning after exercise

Especially the endurance training with Nordic walking, jogging, swimming and Co. to reduce the fat content of the body. Thus, the objective is achieved quickly, you should use the afterburn effect to lose with this quick pounds.

  • In order for your exercises for fat loss done efficiently and quickly lose pounds accordingly, you should always adjust your diet, because take the fat through diet again, you want to lose with sport, makes all the work-outs relatively futile.
  • You should make fat loss about the sport with the exercises so that you lose more energy than you take in, so you lose weight as a result. Here you effect helps after the exercises the so-called. Afterburn.
  • In order for the "afterburn" after exercise lasts long, you should eat no sweets and no fat foods after the exercises, because that is the body's energy by burning fat of the body back quickly to the recovery of the food. Instead, you should drink after sports isotonic drinks or bottled water for the harmonization of electrolyte balance, so you should consume after only 2-3 hours after the exercises protein-containing foods as possible.
  • Thus the afterburn effect after the exercises comes into play, you should complete all moderate fitness exercises for at least 20 minutes, because it is only from this point body fat is burned, previously used glycogen from blood as an energy source. So take influence sport no sweet or fatty foods to be, so that the fat burning the body starts fast.

Exercises to boost fat loss

With some exercises, on the one hand burn fat while building your muscles, you can make the afterburn effect usable. The dumbbells should be relatively easy (500 grams), so that the exercises are not exhaustive.

  1. Take a hula hoop at hand and circle the hips under tension of the lower, upper and lateral abdominal muscles. Meanwhile, you should begin to use squat, so your thighs are running well as large muscles during the exercises to burn much fat addition. Rotate the tires while in the other direction, so you gain important coordination skills with these exercises in addition.
  2. To enhance the effectiveness of the exercises and the afterburn effect additional resistors provide. Take two light dumbbells in your hands, extend your arms from the side and rotate forward and backward the dumbbells, so you burn a lot of fat on the entire body during Hüftkreisens, squats and dumbbell circles. At the same time the resistance of the weights, the tensing of muscles, acting under the additional weight that the muscles with protein-rich diet to grow and turn burn fat.
  3. Complete these exercises to excite the afterburn effect three times a week, the weight of the dumbbells can be increased weekly to 50-100 grams, so that the fat burning and muscle growth with the afterburn effect remain constantly active, even if you do not undergo exercises. The afterburn effect will thus come through these exercises benefit after exercise.

Note. The important relationship between diet and physical exercises Especially at night you should avoid fatty foods, so at night you also burn fat.

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