AGA cooker to the test

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AGA cooker to the test

The cooker fits easily into a modern kitchen.

The structure of the AGA cooker

  • An AGA stove is more than just a device for cooking. It has two functions, because it serves as a heater. You can also before that dry laundry as a side effect.
  • Even if you have the impression that this is a very typical English invention, these furnaces have been developed by a Swedish Nobel Laureate. but you enjoy especially in the English country house kitchen so popular that the English licensees have recently assumed the sole worldwide distribution.
  • AGA stoves are equipped with two hot plates with insulating covers. These also include two ovens for roasting and braising. still happen up to two additional furnaces depending on the version.
  • The stove was originally fueled by coal. Today it works with gas, oil or electricity. Not in every country you get but all variants of the firing.
  • The special feature of this oven is that the heat supply is not regulated by switches. The stove burns permanently, and is therefore ready for opening the insulation immediately. However thermostats ensure predictability when braising and baking.

Cooking and heating with the unusual stove

  • To cook the insulation be folded. The required heat is then immediately available.
  • Just as originally intended, you can use this heat storage stove also for heating the premises. He is from the entire cast iron body heat that uniformly heated the room.
  • Cooking requires some practice, since the regulation on the level settings in modern stoves are probably used. Test so in the early days of the different ways and adapt themselves to it, you need to prepare especially fry up on the hotplates very fast and hot.
  • Something serious is still the energy consumption, because by the time heat it is not necessarily very low. However, the loss rate is quite acceptable thanks to the high quality of the insulation and the material.
  • The biggest cost factor in an AGA cooker is the acquisition. The price moves in regions you probably otherwise only for a fully fitted kitchen.

If you are looking for something special for your kitchen, then you are sure in this traditional cast iron stove in the right place.

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