Agria 4800 - Find out more about this tractor

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Agria 4800 - Find out more about this tractor

The Agria 4800 is a tractor.

The little tractor Agria 4800 is usually used for municipal purposes. Due to its maneuverability, even small and twisty plots can thus outstandingly edit. But the tractor is very suitable also for private use.

Specifications from Agria 4800

  • The Agria 4800 is available both with a single-cylinder engine as well as a two-cylinder engine. In both engine variants is four-stroke diesel engines.
  • The single-cylinder engine has a displacement of 741 cc. The maximum output of 12 kW or 17 hp, it reaches at a speed of 3000 rpm.
  • In the two-cylinder engine, the displacement is 1130 cc. The maximum output of 16 kW or 22 hp is reached at 2700 rpm.
  • The two-cylinder engine has the advantage that it is torquey stronger due to the higher displacement.
  • The engine power is transmitted via a gearbox to the rear drive wheels. The transmission has three forward speeds and one reverse gear. But there are 2 switching groups. This reduces the number of transitions doubled. The speed limit is 25 km / h.

Possible applications of the compact tractor

  • Since the Agria 4800 only has a length of 2.30 m and a width of about 1 m, it is not much larger than a lawn tractor.
  • However, the compact tractor has a dead weight of 705 kg and a more powerful engine than a lawn tractor. This can be done with it various other works.
  • The tractor is also ideal for winter maintenance. Snow removal, salting or snowblowers can accomplish great.
  • Furthermore, the tractor due to its relatively high speed is also well suited for transporting various goods.

The compact tractor Agria 4800 is therefore excellently suited for the care of land or for janitorial duties.

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