Alcohol-free red wine - manufacture

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Alcohol-free red wine - manufacture

Visually, can not be distinguished alcoholic and normal wine.

So non-alcoholic grape juice is prepared

Alcohol-free wine is once prepared exactly as its conventional cousin. Here emerge the differences between white and red wine. Because unlike white wine the mash and not the must is fermented in red wine. Subsequently, the now alcoholic mash is pressed, expanded (stored in barrels), clarified, bottled and then sold. The alcohol withdrawal is a process at the end of production.

  • There are various methods of wine - or any other drink - to withdraw the alcohol. A fairly simple method, but results in a very distinct flavor deterioration, is the application of so-called thin-film evaporation: wine is evaporated filled (with it the alcohol) and the volume loss with grape juice and carbonated.
  • Another technology, which is also used for water purification is reverse osmosis, are pressed in the alcohol and water through a semipermeable membrane and so separated from each other. Again, this approach is criticized because it affects the taste of the wine too.

Commonly one uses in the manufacture of non-alcoholic red wine a simple method which is very efficient with a trick: Man brings wine to the boil. Because the boiling point of alcohol is lower than that of water, it evaporates first. The mentioned trick is to heat the wine in vacuum, whereby it starts to boil already at 27 ° C and hardly flavors are destroyed by the heating.

Advantages and disadvantages of red wine

  • Alcohol-free red wine is considered very healthy, because it has the health-giving properties conventional wine, but without having the harmful effects of alcohol. He is also strongly reduced in calories.
  • Even in non-alcoholic wine are still up to 0.5% alcohol. These are supplied mostly for reasons of taste artificially again. So if you are recovering alcoholic, let heaven's sake stay away from the drink.
  • Whether alcohol-free wine tastes worse than the original, is of course based on a very subjective feeling, even though many wine connoisseurs will naturally say this out of principle. It is best to form their own opinion.
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