All what you need to know about Gorilla Glass 2

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All what you need to know about Gorilla Glass 2

Gorilla glass is used in many mobile phone displays.

Safety glass from Gorilla is standard on many technology devices

With Gorilla glass is a special glass of the US manufacturer "Corning". Synonymous with the name "Corning glass" or can you in descriptions of displays in this case, "Corning Gorilla Glass" encounter.

The first generation Corning Glass has undergone continuous improvements, so Corning to the beginning of 2012 introduced the Gorilla Glass. 2 This is extensively used in the screens brand current smartphones and tablets. Renowned manufacturers such as Samsung and Motorola are represented as well as Apple devices.

In addition, protective films from the shatterproof glass for many popular mobile phones commercially available. In order to protect a smartphone optimized, does not have innately a Gorilla Glass display. In high class appliances, the glass but already belongs to protect the display of the standard - and not only in the field of smartphones like the iPhone case. In multimedia applications, the safety glass is used for the touch screen of MP3 players or the big screens of Lenovo, Dell & Co.

Gorilla Glass 2 excited by high resistance

The glass from Corning consisting of alkali-aluminosilicate. This mixture excited by an incomparably strong, chemical hardness and resistance. Similarly, it has flexibility. This particular composition is the reason why the safety glass is virtually indestructible. It is less brittle and is much harder than normal glass broken. Thanks to this high impact resistance, it is very robust. As a rule, it is not even broken if your mobile phone or falls on hard tile floor or a heavy object falls on it.

Surely you know the illustrative tests: subjects present with all my weight on the screen or with a hammer a fact. Gorilla glass can not impress thanks to its extreme hardness. This also brings a very high scratch resistance with it. Even the keychain that you carry along with your phone in your pocket can not harm the instrument.

If so clumsy fall down your smartphone, that the glass is broken, you are still on the safe side: This is glass with extreme resistance to breakage. This means that the gorilla touchscreen not mightiness as usual glass in thousands of dangerous splinters. Instead, only hairline cracks forming.

The new composition of the glass ensures that it can be bent, unlike the first version. That makes it perfect for touch screens with a slight curve. This curvature provides an improved view of the display and better sharpness. So for example, had the Samsung Nexus S and the Nexus waive the Gorilla Glass of the first generation, because it could not be reconciled with the sweeping curve displays the devices. Thanks to the advanced second generation, for example, could be the Nexus 4 equipped with a curved safety glass.

The thin wall thickness of the glass has many advantages

One of the other, the great advantages of the second generation is the fabulously thin wall thickness. It's 30 percent thinner than its predecessor. The glass of the first generation was according to use between about 0.4 to 2.0 millimeters thin. If you it has already appeared super thin, you will be amazed by Gorilla Glass. 2 Screens for smartphones and protective films for displays are available in fabled wall thickness of 0.33 millimeters.

This makes giving a visual correct something here. On the other hand, the ultra-thin glass ensures that your entries are recognized on the touch screen better from the device, as was the case when sometimes prone to failure Gorilla Glass the first generation.

Moreover, the glass of the second generation is characterized by its thin translucent than its predecessor. This ensures a brighter display that can be read easily at high sunlight itself.

As a conclusion it can be said: If you can not decide between two otherwise very similar smartphones, the choice between the safety glass first or second generation can definitely achieve a purchasing decision. Unlike its predecessor, the improvement points and your new device give extra long life.

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