Allergies in cats - so you make it easier for your cat

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Allergies in cats - so you make it easier for your cat

Allergies often cause itching.

But other allergies in your cat you can get with the right treatment well under control and help your office tigers so again to a beautiful life.

The various symptoms of allergies

  • The most common symptoms of allergies include itching and changes in the skin or fur of your cat. Also important is the time at which the symptoms occur. React your cats in spring allergic, then pollen may be the trigger for the allergy.
  • Show your cats long term symptoms and scratching a lot, then may be the reason for a Flea Allergy Dermatitis. This is currently mostly in late summer, because in winter fleas are rare.
  • In a food allergy your cats have very likely through different reactions. Receiving the animals permanently feed they do not mix well, so this allergy can manifest as itchiness, dry or rough coat and even by rash on the skin.

Allergies in cats due to incorrect feed

  • Primarily, it is very important that you avoid anything that can cause allergy. This give the Cats relief and the allergy is curbed. In addition, the animals must then, of course, be treated so that the symptoms are also alleviated.
  • In a food allergy, you should immediately change the feed and look for in the new feed that is does not contain additives. These include dyes, preservatives, flavor enhancers and sugar. The lining should instead contain a lot of meat and enriched with fatty acids.
  • With dry food, you make sure that the cat food as possible does not contain colored chunks, as they are always mixed with dye. It is best to grab here first on a special diet dry food back and then accustom your cat allergies slowly to a balanced diet.

treatment of skin diseases caused by allergies

  • Do your cats by allergies and itching and skin changes, then be able to prescribe an appropriate agent that relieves symptoms your vet. If necessary, you can also use a powder that relieves the itching and allergies to animals takes the compulsion to scratch.
  • It is important that the affected area, if they are perhaps even encrusted, be creamed regularly. Thus, the spot itches less and the crust dissolves faster.
  • If your cat still scratching again and already inflamed skin, ask your vet for a funnel. This set the cat's neck and prevent the animals so the fact that they are constantly scratching.

help cats with a pollen allergy

  • Although the pollen allergy can cause severe symptoms, but it has the advantage that your cats have to suffer only in phases under this allergy. Depending on the response to which pollen allergic your animals, the first symptoms show in the spring.
  • Here you help the animals best if you give no more clearance. Keep the animals only in the apartment and make sure that the humidity is high enough to absorb the bulk of flying pollen.
  • Obtain commercially special Pollen screen, which can be mounted on all windows easily with a special tape. So you can ventilate usual, without the pollen can get into your home.
  • Then discuss together with a veterinarian what treatment options there are for your cat and pick you additional advice from an animal healers. There are some homeopathic remedies that can help your cat with such allergies.

There are many allergies in cats that remain for a long time almost undetected. but to show clear symptoms, then you should let your animals to test the vet may.

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