Aloe Vera: Ingredients - Getting acquainted

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Aloe Vera: Ingredients - Getting acquainted

The Aloe Vera has important ingredients.

Important macronutrients of Aloe Vera

  • The Aloe Vera contains numerous ingredients that can have a positive effect on health. The macronutrients include, for example, various carbohydrates (for example, some single and multiple sugars), which act against bacteria and viruses and anti-inflammatory properties unfold.
  • In this context, the so-called polymannans be emphasized, acting immune-regulating. These substances prevent harmful substances from the organism.
  • In particular, the substance acemannan of Aloe Vera gives its beneficial properties. The substance not only strengthens the immune system, while acting anti-inflammatory, but also increases the ability to absorb nutrients.
  • In addition to the carbohydrates in the plant also important protein building blocks contain the so-called amino acids. These take many important functions in the human organism.
  • Also in the aloe vera plant, different enzymes are contained. These are the catalysts of the cell, which can accelerate biochemical processes. Use of enzymes of Aloe Vera - for example, amylase, cellulase or phosphatase - may have harmful environmental toxins are destroyed.

Important ingredients to micronutrient level

However, the aloe vera plant offers even more: In the leaves also essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and phytochemicals contained.

  • The greenhouse provides example valuable calcium. This mineral is needed for bone formation and is good for the teeth.
  • Magnesium is one of the important minerals for people suffering from stress. The Aloe Vera is a lot of the valuable minerals.
  • The zinc and selenium content makes the plant a real immune booster. Both substances ward off pathogens and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • To the immune-enhancing effect also carry the vitamins contained in, for example, vitamin C and vitamin E. As a "free radical scavenger" make these substances cytotoxins harmless.
  • Not least, the phytochemicals of the effectiveness of Aloe Vera play a major role. Essential oils, saponins or tannins are anti-inflammatory and boost the immune system.
  • The effectiveness of the Aloe vera plant is not distinguished by the amount of said ingredients; So the particular vital substance Cocktail - - rather the specific composition gives the plant as part of a synergistic effect health-promoting properties.
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