American hip-hop and rap skills - Find out more about international rhyme techniques

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American hip-hop and rap skills - Find out more about international rhyme techniques

In Rap include flow and rhyme techniques. Maclatz / Pixelio

Rap Skills and hip-hop stars - Eminem as Role Model

  • As musical styles are also rhyme techniques specific modes. Although these are used by many authoritative rapper understand it but mostly to tailor a contemporary art on their person, and that perfecting thus.
  • A great influence on rappers in Germany and internationally clearly had in the 2000s, the US rapper "Eminem". More than many other Rapgrößen in the United States, offered the charismatic Eminem an integration model for white youth. In addition, the rapper also enjoys great respect in artistic circles. With the support of the music producer Dr. Dre, even a rap veteran and founding member of the group NWA, get Eminem and his record several successful albums that sold millions of copies worldwide.
  • The special thing about Eminem's style is the one of the frequent use vielsilbiger rhymes. His texts he modulated by a special emphasis and a sophisticated timing of individual syllables and so the words and syllables rhyme that do not do it usually, sometimes impure rhymes.
  • American hip-hop is a point of reference for famous rapper is. Kool Savas and other oriented not only in its initial phase to the rap skills of Underground rappers from the United States. Multisyllabic rhymes, Battle rapeseed, high vocal range of Savas and not least its flows remember often to Eminem. In Germany images this style has very widespread in the 2000s, which is why several young rappers sound like Savas.

The Notorious BIG and Tupac - American Rap with influence

  • Also lasting impact on the hip-hop world and have Raptechniken The Notorious BIG or Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur exercised. They are among the best known examples of many today active rapper.
  • Although also very poetic part, Tupac's lyrics were also appreciated its contents due. He often oriented around themes of Black community and presented cultural references to African-American culture of the United States here.
  • The Notorious BIG is considered further pioneering representatives of American rap techniques. He has been recognized especially for its flow, consisting of rhyming with numerous syllables that he read deep, nasal voice.
  • Rap has become so differentiated that different rappers gather smaller fan bases around with its own styles. Until the Guinness Book of Records has managed, for example, the rapper Twista, where he rapped almost 600 syllables in 55 seconds.
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    In Rap include flow and rhyme techniques. Maclatz / Pixelio Rap Skills and hip-hop stars - Eminem as Role Model As musical styles are also rhyme techniques specific modes. Although these are used by many authoritative rapper understand it but mostly

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