American sandwiches make himself

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American sandwiches make himself

Sandwiches - a part of American food culture

make sandwiches for the day itself

  1. First, you should lay eggs ten minutes of boiling water. While the eggs cook, you can cut the peppers into small cubes. The eggs then with cold water "scare" and peel.
  2. Mix then pull eggs, peppers and mayonnaise together and let the mass six hours refrigerator. This mass later forms the covering for the delicious sandwiches. It may be that in the process liquid forms, these you can throw away without hesitation.
  3. Now sprinkle a toast with the mass of eggs, peppers and mayonnaise and cover it with the other disk. Your American sandwich is ready.

As an alternative to the sandwich toast, which usually consists of white flour yes, you can also use whole wheat toast and thus significantly increase the nutritional value of your sandwich. Such sandwich is wonderful for lunch at the work site or on the go.

transform A baguette sandwiches

  1. Cut the baguette in half and sprinkle the bottom half with the mayonnaise. Then season them with salt and pepper half.
  2. Now cut the gherkin into thin slices and pat them dry as much as possible with a paper towel sheet. This is necessary so that the sandwich did not taste soggy and mushy. Then wash the lettuce leaves and pat them dry also.
  3. Assign. The lower half baguette with gherkin and salad leaves In this way, the sandwiches are formed. Now add the cheese and the cooked ham added and coat the ham with mustard to conclude with.
  4. Finally, the sandwiches are carefully folded and the top lightly pressed. But you will need to make sure that nothing falls out.
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