Ammonia and water - the response clearly explained

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Ammonia and water - the response clearly explained

Ammonium hydroxide is used in dyeing.

Ammonia and water - the reaction equation

  • When the compound is ammonia (NH3) is a base; it can be dissolved in water. The good solubility of the substance is due to the formation of hydrogen bonds, which are formed on the nitrogen and hydrogen atoms.
  • In this reaction, resulting from ammonia and water hydroxide and ammonium ions. This mechanism can be described by the following equation: NH3 + H2O NH4 + + OH-
  • The result is ammonium hydroxide, which is also known under the term "ammonia water". This solution is basic. The equilibrium of the reaction, however, is shifted to the left, ie to the side of the ammonia and the water out.

This happens in the reaction

  • But for some reason it comes with ammonia and water to this reaction? To understand the reaction process, you should first attempt to describe an acid and base visualize.
  • According to one possible definition is when a base is a substance that is able to take hydrogen ions (as defined in Broenstedt).
  • In fact, the base is ammonia absorbs a hydrogen ion, which provides the water. In this reaction, the water will afford the hydrogen ion, by acting as an acid.
  • At the same "missing" the water now, of course, a hydrogen atom, which is why from this a hydroxide.
  • The end product is ammonium hydroxide, a base that has many uses. So the connection is used for example in the bleaching and dyeing or in food industry as an acidity regulator.
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