An orthopedic pillow under test - Find out more about the function and effect

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An orthopedic pillow under test - Find out more about the function and effect

Find a sound sleep with the right pillow. PeeF / Pixelio

An orthopedic pad is not equal to the other. Different functions you can achieve different effects with the pillow. Often it can be to find out if you feel comfortable with the new pillow at all, only in a test.

How to Find your orthopedic pillow

  • Do not buy just start, just because the acquaintances or relatives district says someone from his orthopedic pillow. What makes with a friend for quiet sleep, can take your own sleeping.
  • Realize what complaints you want to counteract a functional pillow.
  • The different cushions are adapted to different needs and even sleep positions. Nevertheless, it may happen that you do not get along with a side sleeper pillow for neck support, even if you would need exactly.
  • Are you a side sleeper, the pillow should fill the triangular area of ​​the head, neck and shoulder.
  • Sleep on the other hand on the back, then it should support the region of the neck curvature not too high a pillow.
  • Sleep did on his stomach, an orthopedic pillow is often misplaced, since the cervical spine is already heavily burdened by the sleeping position. Here is a Körnerkissen which is malleable and flexible, the most suitable for you.

Make the Sleep Test

  • Before you opt for a variant, you should check whether you are allowed to test the pillow and if not satisfied an exchange or return is possible.
  • Expect that you sleep in the first few nights probably restless than usual, because your body is once must get used to a new pillow.
  • Pull testing Always a pillowcase over, because certainly you want to buy no cushion on which there are hair or other things of Vorschläfers.
  • In order to decide on a manufacturer, it is advisable voerher the reviews read. Often you will find enough information on the materials used and the effect.

If you use an orthopedic pillow and thus do not get along, then try to avoid it and choose instead prefer a pillow with grain filling, which already potimal adapts to your body solely by the weight distribution.

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