Angel laws in France

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Angel laws in France

Find not only anglers paradise.

Fishing license in France

As anglers will hardly surprise you that you need a fishing license. This fishing license can be booked without any special effort and for different periods and areas. Wild Fishing is not recommended, because the neighboring country the fishing laws little gentleness left for caught wild fishing.

  • A fishing license you get the easiest locally. Angel shops, post or tobacco shops offer these cards directly to the waters around.
  • The substance may have a fishing license as day tickets or for longer periods. This depends entirely on your decision.
  • The fishing regulations in France stipulate that such authorization cards are valid for certain stretches of water. Make sure that the area is covered with your fishing license, and not leave those.
  • The cost of a fishing license are different. They depend on who is the holder of fishing rights and for whom the card is valid as long. Thus, there are often special rates for children, adolescents and women.
  • The fishing regulations still take this for a classification in waters of different categories with different stocking. This is not known in Germany, in France but common.

You can book through the local French fishing associations many fishing licenses online. But Consider first if you already want to commit to a region, or rather spontaneously decide right on the spot.

Angel laws to close season and minimum sizes

Even if you have a valid fishing license, you can not go fishing any time and do not pull any fish ashore. The French fishing laws require different seasons and also minimum dimensions of fish caught.

  • While seasons are generally available, but they are not on a uniform and handled the same for every fish and water category.
  • In general, the closed season starts in waters of the first category to the third Sunday in September and ends on the second Saturday in March again. but exceptions are made here.
  • In the second category waters to year-round fishing, provided you comply with the exceptions. Inform yourself extensively which species might just have closed season locally.
  • Seen at the minimum dimensions the fishing laws in France no general rules is available. Inform yourself again which dimensions apply locally.

It would be helpful if you set up a list of the French names of fish species. To be found in the local regulations along better.

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