announce to the tax consultant - so you might do this

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announce to the tax consultant - so you might do this

Accountants do magic.

The appointment of an accountant is an individual matter. Without the help of an accountant to tax processes can hardly edit satisfactory. Since you are a tax payer to the tax authorities in the requirement, you must inevitably reveal your relationships. Not always the cooperation extends to the satisfaction. Then you may terminate the contract.

You may terminate trust relationships at any time

  • The coverage of a tax consultant is characterized by mutual trust. You may at any time terminate (§ 626 BGB). You need to comply with any notice and do not need any justification put forward.
  • Reasons to terminate the contract, there can be repeatedly. Works of Accountants too slow or do not you feel sufficiently and reliable advice, you should contact the accountant first and try to work up the complaint. Assume that you are a layman and the way that goes to the tax advisor as an expert, not always the same comprehensible. Let explain his work.

Accountants can do magic

  • Accept that also tax consultants work only on the basis of laws and in no way can conjure. Then you must also recognize an adverse result for you and not looking at Accountants blame.
  • Remember that you have instructed the accountant, because you are obviously dependent on its services. Announce, you stand there without tax counsel. Do you need to comply with a regulatory period and instruct another accountant, you risk disadvantages. The new tax consultant has to familiarize himself in your case only and takes time. At best, the new accountant can apply to the tax office an extension of time, which he founded with his training needs.

You pay double fee

  • Especially note that you said earlier Accountants owe a part payment, which can settle this after his hitherto job performance. Assign substitute another accountant, again calls this a place. You can not it remind you that you have paid work before.
  • Also, make sure that you provide the tax advisors as early as possible with all the necessary documents he needed for an ordinary clerical. Put rather more documents before and leave the assessment of the relevance to the accountant. Does the Accountants constantly from recovering and supporting documents, suffers the quality of his work.
  • It is also true in this division that it is better to take preventive action and early to set the course for the development of the tax situation. Assign the accountant later, do not make responsible for negative developments him.
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