Ant queen in flight - information about the swarm flight

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Ant queen in flight - information about the swarm flight

Ready for the wedding flight: a sexual animal.

The flight of ants

The flight of ants is a natural spectacle that you can watch every year prior to your own doorstep.

  • The nuptial flight of queens and males is highly dependent on the seasons. In Central Europe, the flight takes place in early May, when the temperatures are warmer.
  • Queens and males seek out a particularly suitable point, which is as high as possible, for example, a blade of grass.
  • How to start a character all sexuals swarm. This affects not only the members of a colony, but all members of the species. How to synchronize the individual colonies to one another is still unclear, may be the appropriate time determined but from a combination of higher temperatures, suitable air currents and a certain daylight hours.
  • The actual wedding flight lasts only a few hours. By sex pheromones that attract fliers to their respective opposite-sex partners and then mate with him. A queen ant can be courted and mated from 2 to 40 males. She receives sperm packages that they in a specific organ, the seed bag (seminal receptacle) stores. A female can hold up to 100 million sperm. With this stock, the Queen comes from life.
  • The males die shortly after mating, since their task is now completed. Their bodies are transported to the nest by the workers and serve as nutrients.
  • The queens lose their wings after mating, as they no longer need them. Some species, the now tiresome flight organs bite even from himself. The egg-laying queen ant now founded a new colony.

Family ant and their winged kin

Maybe they (Formica rufa) was in last Waldspaziergang on an anthill of red wood ant past. Hard to imagine that the tiny crawlers should be related to winged insects.

  • One may therefore hard to believe, but the family of ants (Formicidae) is of zoologists to the order of Hymenoptera (Hymenoptera) expected, including for example bees and bumble bees, but wasps belong.
  • The closest relatives of the ants are actually wasps (Vespinae). On closer examination, this relationship can be seen clearly. Consider an ant, you will be able to quickly detect a close resemblance to some species of wasps.
  • Presumably, the ancestors of the ants were as winged insects as wasps are today. A fact that can be guessed by the fact that not all the ants are wingless.

Surely you're wondering why the animals have lost their wings at all. The reason is simple: they are no longer needed for a life on the ground, and would interfere with, for example, in the narrow construction only.

Queen ant, male, worker - the complex coexistence of ants

Ants are among the social insects. Each individual ant has to fulfill their special task. These analyzes divide the biologists Ameisenstaat in different box.

  • The queen ant is usually much larger than the other females. She leaves the nest only to reproduce and has in the state only one task: oviposition. Many ant species, there is only one queen in the state. In some species several females fulfill the role of the queen.
  • Most of the ant people consists of smaller females, the workers. Your responsibilities are many. They range from the exploration of the environment, the procurement of food, the rearing of eggs and larvae to defense of the nest.
  • Finally, there are males. Your task field is fairly straightforward, because it includes only the fertilization of queens.
  • While the workers are wingless life, have males and queens wings with which they can fly.
  • Sets the Queen unfertilised eggs, so it slip male ants, which are equipped with only a single (haploid) set of chromosomes.
  • From fertilized eggs females hatch with a double (diploid) set of chromosomes. Whether this will develop a queen or worker, depends on numerous factors. So queens are supplied, for example, with a particular feed and receive certain secretions of the hypopharyngeal glands of nurses-workers. But the climate plays a crucial role.
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