Anti Cat Spray - nontoxic defenses against unwanted visitors

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Anti Cat Spray - nontoxic defenses against unwanted visitors

Strangers cat outdoors.

The anti-cat spray is non-toxic and spread an unpleasant smell for cats.

Anti Cat spray to repel cats

  • The anti-cat spray is non-toxic and chased the cat by an unpleasant odor. They can therefore both own cats in the house, but also stray cats out of your garden or away from your property.
  • Since every cat responds differently to these smells, the spray can never be 100% effective. Because unfortunately there are also cats, which do not interfere in the smell and still go to those places.
  • You can step up something that you can be useful just outside, because the scent dissipates quickly here the smell of the spray but still.

To apply the anti-cat spray on

  • If you have other cats in the garden or on your property, then you should not efficient spray at various points the anti-cat spray. The spray dissipates very quickly, unfortunately, if you use it in the open and with the smell and the effect has disappeared.
  • Watch the other cats and their preferred places outdoors and spray there plenty of the spray out. Also the area at the front door, you should not omit, because often wait strange cats to the fact that they are left in the house.
  • Intensify the smell by Spray an old towel well with the anti-cat spray and then put in a flower pot. Ask then. The pot outside and prepare best several of these pots ago

use anti-Cat Spray as a supplement

  • If you do not want to rely solely on the effectiveness of the spray, then you can combine this in conjunction with other, for the cat unpleasant smelling things.
  • Particularly outdoors, if you want to ward off other cats, fragrant flowers are a useful and pretty aids.
  • Strong smelling plants like lemongrass, but also lovage give off a strong and unpleasant smell for cats. With these plants, so you can simultaneously beautify the exterior something and repel the cats.
  • Put the plants in large pots and spray the clay then abundantly with the anti-feline spray. The agent moves into the clay and can work there a lot longer than if you would spray out on the floor or against the wall.

Distribute in as many parts of the unpleasant smell and see then whether the cats these bodies actually avoid.

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