Ants in the dishwasher - what to do?

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Ants in the dishwasher - what to do?

So the ants disappear.

They make not knowing the dishwasher on and notice that there reside many ants. But where they come from and why they keep straight on in a dishwasher?

Ants in the dishwasher - the reasons could be

  • It may be at first glance somewhat surprising how do ants in a dishwasher. But if you know the reasons, it is actually quite plausible.
  • Ants occur then propagated in dishwashers on when there is an ant infestation in the area. Just ask your neighbors if they have a similar phenomenon.
  • Ants arrive sometimes in old pipes through the water line. Leave this check by a specialist even if no improvement after some time.
  • Leftovers in a dishwasher can also be a reason why ants have penetrated.
  • Sometimes a flower Stock may be responsible beside the dishwasher as the ants walk.

To distribute ants from the dishwasher

  • Ants hate baking soda, so enter at the next "wash" some of it into the dishwasher. You can then start another pass, simply heat the temperature slightly, so remove the last baking paper residues.
  • Ants also hate coffee grounds. So enter the next wash cycle of your machines easily in old coffee grounds. That should drive the beasts.
  • Sometimes it can help if you place next to the dishwasher an ant bait. Here you should note that you must leave to the dishwasher are open so that the ants can out and run the event.
  • Old pipes you can not control, unfortunately, you get a professional to come, which can tell you whether the cause is for the ants plague to the water pipes.
  • Clean your dishwasher and make sure that the screen is cleaned. Even leftovers should be discarded from the dish before, so that the dish comes completely free of food particles in the dishwasher.

Ants in the dishwasher ensure at first sight for Shocked, but you should know that you are with the problem alone.

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