Apartment embellish - the top tips

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Apartment embellish - the top tips

A new wall color changes the feeling of space in your home.

New Textiles bring fresh color into the home

If you your home appear to dull, you need to paint the walls immediately. It is also much easier to get by new textiles.

Covers for sofa cushions, linen and colored curtains leave your home immediately in a new light. A new carpet for the living room puts your furniture into the right light. A fluffy bath mat ensures warm feet on cold tiles.

Pay attention to a harmonious interplay of colors while listening to you on your current mood. With colorful patterns put small accents that complete the overall image.

establish order in shelves

Packed full shelf is always a restless point in a room. The reason is that here a lot of different colors meet, which do not really fit together.

If you own a lot of books, arrange them according to the color of their spines. You will be surprised what effect achieved that.

Use your shelf as storage for different things, use some fabric or woven baskets. These provide plenty of storage space for small items and reduce the range of colors on the shelf. Again, you can rely on simple colors or recourse to playful patterns.

paper back walls of cabinets

Open cabinets and shelves in drab colors do not contribute much to the well-being in their own home with. Especially if you keep not many items in these pieces of furniture.

Here, the following idea is: Paper visible from the front rear wall of the cabinet or rack. You must not necessarily use wallpaper. Wrapping paper or a beautiful fabric are also suitable.

Use your favorite color or fresh pattern. Given the material is cut in the shape of the individual compartments, the rear wall you want to embellish.

Depending on what material you decide to attach it with glue or a stapler. The advantage is that you can replace the upholstery on your mood. to paper walls, is substantially more complicated.

Wall design creates new sense of space

A wall decoration is a great way to change the entire look of a home. Especially if you own a lot of furniture, which are held in fairly neutral tones.

In living spaces, you should use warm colors to create a cozy atmosphere. Pay particular attention to the floor, because this has a wall color necessarily harmonize.

Have your furniture neutral tones, use quiet a strong wall color. This gives a nice contrast and changes the reflection of your light sources. On a neutral and simple paint you should use if your furniture have special and eye-catching colors.

In the bathroom fresh and light colors are fit. This will make the start in the morning easier. A delicate blue make you travel in thought to the sea, while a beautiful green grass for a good mood makes.

embellish with stickers Tiles

As a tenant of an apartment you can choose the features of a bathroom is limited. Particularly tiles, which often have a boring white color, often seem too sterile. Especially if the bathroom has little opportunities to design, because too little space is, it seems more uncomfortable.

Tile Stickers are an easy and affordable way to decorate the bathroom. The stickers are cut ready and available in different colors.

Decide for yourself which areas you want to embellish. You can paste the stickers a complete tile surface or set individual accents. Later the tiles stickers are easily and removable without residue.

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