Apartment rent - that you should be aware

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Apartment rent - that you should be aware

Operating costs for granny accurately calculate.

Lodger should be billed separately

  • The main cause of disagreement between tenants and landlords are the consumption costs. It does not matter whether it is an apartment house or a building.
  • If you rent an apartment, invest in a few things.
  • Separate water meters ensure that both parties, tenants and non homeowners, clarity about their own consumption have.
  • The same applies to gas and electricity meters, if you rent an apartment in the house. When mounted on the radiators heat meters a cold, wet towel is enough to the heater to distort the actual heat consumption.
  • Regarding the rest of dustbins is community on whether a separate bin for tenants is needed. If you live in a community where the garbage cans are weighed, separate dustbins are recommended.

Rent brings tax benefits

  • Apart from the rental income you have tax benefits on leasing an apartment. All costs relating to the building, you can assert in their tax returns.
  • This includes interest, repairs in the apartment, the house and garden proportionately. Add to that the depreciation of the building.
  • Check your liability insurance, if you have the passage of foreign rental included. The added contribution is marginal.
  • Since you can never know how the relationship with your tenants developed, the conclusion of a landlord legal expenses insurance is recommended.
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