Aphids of berry bushes - how you proceed against the Parasitenbfall ago

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Aphids of berry bushes - how you proceed against the Parasitenbfall ago

Aphids love sap.

Aphids are harmful

  • They are an important food source for birds and insects. Nevertheless, one would like to the green and black Krabbler not have the berry bushes. Are the aphids then but since they sit on many buds, stems and leaves. The affected parts deform and eventually fall off.
  • Aphids damage the plants by leeching the vital sap of plants. They excrete a sweet honeydew. This sugary secretion is a great basis for the dreaded black Ru├čtaupilz. In addition, the parasites can transmit diseases through viruses.
  • With the Mace lice snuffed quickly made. But it may be damaged, other animals and humans. About the trade to get antidote biobased. But mostly help even the gentle methods.

Methods against attack of berry bushes

  1. Caps the occupied shoots.
  2. Peel off the aphids with a soft brush or a soft cloth. Showers the shrubs with cold water.
  3. Inject a natural pesticide. Recipe: water, nettle, onion skins, wormwood, horsetails or rhubarb.
  4. Helps not all, you inject a smelly soap solution. Recipe: 5 liters of water, 100 ml of alcohol, 100 g of soft soap.

attract the natural enemy

  • Provide the earwigs in dwellings. Given fill a small Tonblumentopf with straw and hang this with the opening down to the plants.
  • With Wildflowers drag the natural enemies of aphids magically. If you remove dead plant material to the berry bushes until spring, can overwinter in ladybugs and spiders.
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