Application as a teacher in a Montessori Children's House - it is convincing

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Application as a teacher in a Montessori Children's House - it is convincing

To succeed in the perfect job.

Working as a teacher, is a fulfilling and pleasant task. In hardly any other profession you can unfold as diverse as here. Especially the different educational orientations of the day care centers do the work so exciting. However, the application should match the Montessori concept.

The tasks as Montessori educator - some facts

  • Maria Montessori was a pediatrician who realized that children can learn more effectively and grow if they can learn at their own pace and interests.
  • The principle for you as a teacher should be: "Help me to do it myself." Each child must deal with the issues and deal, which particularly interest you. Behind this logic hidden talents and talents are particularly well lit.
  • In contrast to the regular curriculum, the teacher should always ensure that they themselves are no rules when it comes playful learning.

To succeed in the perfect application for the children's home

  • If you plan to apply for a job as a teacher in a Montessori Children's House, so you should make sure to first familiar with the concept of the device. This may be either self-taught, carried out by reading literature or ideally by a special Montessori training.
  • When applying, be sure to describe why you want to work in this institution. What are the benefits that you see for yourself, especially strong for the child's development and what are you interested himself.
  • Avoid boring texts but write you alive - the application should convince yes. A beautiful photo on which you are photographed, looks particularly beautiful when it shows in the work with children. The even more authentic.
  • Do you already have experience in the Montessori Method? Then may the missing in no case in writing.

An application as an educator in a Montessori Children's House is not particularly difficult if you follow all these points.

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