Application - make a requests diplomatically

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Application - make a requests diplomatically

Ask by phone after your application.

No response to applications - such as asking?

  • If you have submitted an application, wait after a few days impatiently for the answer of the company. If you have not received confirmation of receipt by one to two weeks, it's time to diplomatically ask.
  • It is best to do it by phone, because you take so directly affect the answer and again to demonstrate your communication skills. This takes some effort, but really worth it.
  • Continue the call in a quiet, undisturbed atmosphere, consider in advance what you want to say, so you do not come to a stuttering. Contact the right person, do not forget to mention, when you have applied and for which job. This is diplomatic enough and signaled genuine interest on your part.
  • If you have not received confirmation of receipt, you should wait for now. But if you still have heard by vinous weeks nothing of your application, you can also ask. Should the company have decided against you and just do not report, you should insist that you your application will be returned unless you have applied in writing. Because that you are entitled to in any case.
  • Should it decide to ask in writing or by mail to the whereabouts of your application, you, you are directed to the right person and ask for the current status of your application because you have not yet received any acknowledgment of receipt and are still very interested in the vacancy , Do you offer more to send your application again if necessary.
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