applied properly Bodeneinbaustrahler outside

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applied properly Bodeneinbaustrahler outside

Build your Bodeneinbaustrahler a self.

install Bodeneinbaustrahler correctly

The robust recessed spotlights Set AN 36813 is walkable, has three lamps including LED bulbs and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

  1. Make all manipulations on the floor Spot light with power off.
  2. Place the radiator in the desired location and make sure that there can not collect water.
  3. If the installation pot is securely attached to the base, screw the aluminum housing on it and also install the stainless steel cover.
  4. Now connect the power cable to the transformer.
  5. If possible, frost on the transformer, you do not cover it.
  6. Check the entire Bodeneinbaustrahler set regularly for leaks and functioning.
  7. In case of breakdown at the transformer or cables, do not operate, the lights.

install and operate Erdleuchtmittel professionally

  • Check again the professional installation of your LED ground spotlight.
  • Then you can take the lights in operation.
  • Free your Bodeneinbaustrahler set, especially the transformer, at regular intervals, of debris and leaves. Make sure that the power plug of your floor lamp is not connected to the power grid safe before cleaning.
  • Use a dry or slightly damp cloth to clean and do not own a chemical cleaning agents and scouring.
  • Also make sure that your Bodeneinbaustrahler are in winter road salt, protected.

Never look directly and certainly not for a long time without protection in the LED light your Bodeneinbaustrahler. Perform any repairs on your floor Spot light on their own by, because that is only trained professionals reserved.

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