apply for a subsidy from the employment office about application costs - how it works

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apply for a subsidy from the employment office about application costs - how it works

You can receive up to 5 Euro grant for Application Fees at the employment office.

To apply for a grant from the employment office

  • Who is reported seeking work or welfare gets from the labor office, may receive a grant of up to 260 euros for application costs.
  • Legally this is normalized in § 45 SGB III and in § 3 arrangement UBV.
  • So you can get per application 5 euros as a grant. The Employment Agency calls this a lump-sum payment. Note that the specific amount of the lump sum payment may be different. The payout is a discretionary decision. This means that it is best to obtain prior written approval for reimbursement at the employment agency.
  • You can get the grant if you unemployed, threatened with unemployment or are looking education. You must belong to one of three groups.
  • You have received an integration agreement with the employment office. There you read by now, whether the repayment of Application Fees agreed. Have you received any integration agreement, please contact your agent at the employment office.
  • You get the employment office a reintegration agreement and a form by You can list where you have applied.
  • Fill out this form.
  • Submit the form now your clerk at the employment office and write to that you apply for the grant for the application costs.
  • Sure Leichhardt get timely response on the subsidy for application costs.

Find out more about the Suppressing the Application Fees

  • You should always consult and check how much of the grant is that you can obtain from the unemployment office for Application Fees to your agent at the employment office. Then you apply for this grant.
  • Keep your application costs low. Scan your application documents, your CV and passport photo and your job references and apply by email. Thus you will save a lot of money and need the assistance from the employment office about application costs might no longer.
  • Compare prices when you buy Bewerbungsmappen. Make sure that you buy any portfolios that look cheap, but you should take offers.
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